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Jetwash Detergent


- Suitable For Use In a Wide Variety Of Washing Systems
- An Excellent Machine System Cleaner
- Excellent Degreasing Properties For Many Types Of Prodution Components
- Application By Spray Or Immersion
- Effective When Used In Industrial Floor Scrubbing Equipment
- Suitable For Use In Steam Cleaners and Power Type Washers
- Removes All Types Of Grease and Oil Films
Type Duraclean

- The residual fluid on wash components provides temorary in shop corrosion protection
- For use in a muktitube of applications and compatible with most metals
- Low foam and hard water compatible
- Economical in use

Concentration The product once diluted in water can be used 8%~10% for the removal of grease abd oil
Working temperature Can be used both hot and cold
Pack 5 Gallon